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Harrison Boston No7 Wire Stitcher

  • Saddle Stitching up to 4.7mm
  • Flat Stitching up to 20mm
  • Stabbling up to 40mm
  • Free Standing
  • Single Phase
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts available
  • Stitching wire suitiable for this machine
  • New and reconditioned machines availiable

The Boston No7 Stitcher is an ideal, all purpose stitcher for general jobbing work. These machines are extremely versatile, very dependable and comfortable to operate.

Setting up the machine is easy and can be done by the operator. The changeover from flat to saddle can be effected in a matter of seconds. Sizing the job to be stitching involves no more than turning a handwheel, this brings the operating table into just the correct position and automatically adjusts the length of wire to suit the job in hand.

The actual stitching operation is controlled by foot pedal leaving the operator's hands free to handle the job and of course, the stitching machine is motorised, giving that extra speed and ease of operation over a hand operated machine.

Download the Technical Specifications Harroson Boston Multiple Wire Stitcher

Harrison Boston Multiple Wire Stitcher

  • 2 Sheets up to 4.7mm
  • Flat or Saddle stitching
  • Free Standing
  • Single Phase
  • A Comprehensive range of spare parts available
  • Addititional stitching heds available
  • Stitching wire suitiable for this machine
  • New and reconditioned machines available

The Boston Multiple Stitcher is a pamphlet stitcher and, as it's name implies, can place up to six stitches at once. It is used mostly on twin stitched work with two stitching work with two stitching heads; but for certain specialised jobs such as cheque and coupon books, where both time and money can be saved by stitching more than one at a time, the machine can easily be fitted with additional heads. These machines are extremely versatile, dependable and also comfortable to operate, setting up the machine changes and adjustments can be made in a few seconds.

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Stitching Heads

Wire Stitching Heads

  • Harrison Boston
  • New and reconditioned Wire Stitching Heads
  • Heads overhauled, repaired or serviced in our workshop
  • Comprehensive replacement spare parts service
  • also agent for
  • Stanley Bostitch
  • Acme Champion

We are confident that we stock an adequate range of Stitching Heads one of which can be adapted to any manufacturers bindery equipment fitted with a stitching unit.

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Parts Book


We offer a wide range of parts for all our Stitching products. A full catalog is coming soon.

Stitching Wire

Stitching Wire

For Boston Wire Stitchers and Wire Stitching Heads

  • Alloy Coated
  • Round Wire
  • Narrow Flat Wire
  • Narrow Hard Wire
  • Wire for other stitchers available

Round and narrow flat stitching wires are used mainly in the general printing and bookbinding industries, for such as leaflets, brouchures, catalogues, directories, periodicals, exercise books, cheque books and bingo ticket manufacture.

Also availiable for other industries including packaging and leather manufacture.

Stitching Wire is normally supplied on a returnable plastic spool and weighs approximately 2.3 kilos.

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