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Stitching Heads

R T Harrison was established in 1978 by Terry Harrison initially to service and repair Monotype Hot Metal Type Setting equipment and the range of Boston Wire Stitchers.

The business soon expanded to include the complete rebuilding of the machines. The current premises were purchased in 1985 and the company were Limited in 1987.

Monotype, impressed with the rebuilding of their equipment, sold the entire Stitcher operation to R T Harrison Limited in 1988. Several other projects un-related to the Wire Stitching soon followed from Monotype and are still undertaken.

In 1990 P H Engineering Limited were purchased to manufacture the majority of the now rapidly expanding requirement and are still doing so today.

Over the last 36 years most other manufacturers Stitching Heads and Machines have been serviced by the company. Many have changed their names, but R T Harrison Limited with a very hands on manager Terry Harrison at the helm still offers a service that is reliable and affordable.

Whilst new machines are still manufactured many customers request our rebuilt machines to suit their budget and we are happy to negotiate any other requirements.